UK Foreign Office Vid/Viz

This post has nothing to do with Tableau, but I thought this was such an interesting video that I had to share.  These things inspire me and perhaps they will inspire you too.

I'm not sure why the UK Foreign Office created this video; to illustrate the breadth and seriousness of their services in hopes that they will receive fewer silly requests, to prove to the UK population that their government departments are utilizing public funds wisely, or to simply promote their services?  I do know that I was impressed with the work done by this office.

I was hoping to replicate it with Tableau, but was unable to find the data (they do have some great salary information on their site if anyone else is interested).  I think this would work fairly well in Tableau, especially with the new dark map feature.  I wonder if there's a way to color the tool-tips in Tableau as they appear in this graphic.  Perhaps some Tableau jedi out there knows of a way?


  1. Recently made a video that weirdly is almost the same visually. I think I discovered that a 60 second insight video like this can actually get more consumption than the usual powerpoints and emails, given that many were impressed and had never seen a metric overlaid and played like this.

    I did it using 24hrs worth of minute data for one metric, put the minutes dimension in the pages card and set the speed to fast. I then used camtasia screen recording to capture the tableau viz as it played through the 24hrs. this was about 4-5mins long, and I only wanted a 60sec insight summary, so I used camtasia studio to speed it up afterwards, and add some more visuals and comments.

    I've done this with a number of visuals and even just normal scorecard reports, and it more than tripled the consumption of said items overnight.

    1. Matthew, that's a terrific idea. Have you posted any? Can you send the link? Thanks, Kelly