Optimize Your Extract

It's a little thing, and I frequently forget to do it, but it makes a huge difference.

Basically, Tableau takes your calculations and stores the fields in the extract so it doesn't have to re-compute them every time the view gets opened.

So if you're building dashboards and creating a lot of calculated fields it's a good idea to remember to optimize the extract as you go along.

I didn't realize until today that having filters set to Show Only Relevant Values was costly, so from now on  I'll create a calculated field to speed things up.



  1. Have any source on the costliness of the show only relevant values?

  2. Hi Kelly

    I've often thought about Extract -> Optimize but have never seen any noticable performance increase from it. I guess it depends on the size and make up of your extract?

    I wonder if anyone has data on this?

    Cheers & keep up the great blogging

  3. Patman - no I don't know of anyone having tested it, but Robert Morton's Best Practices for Performance video is pretty helpful explaining ways to plan for speed. The link is at the footer below.

    Paul - I've mostly seen it have an effect while I'm building and have a lot of complex (and probably too big) calculated fields that I've changed and changed and changed. Cheers!