Help Finding Tableau Help

This seems like a silly thing to tell you, but several people have complained to me that they can't find the specific help they need with Tableau.  This is not because of lack of information or how Tableau has structured their site, it is because there is sooo much help.

I rarely go to Tableau directly for help - it's not my first stop. I will likely end up there getting the answers I seek, but I start with Google. Google is smart. You can search on a lazy sentence like "how do I stick a background image into a chart" and it will produce results particular to "background", "image", and "chart".

The trick to getting all the Tableau help you might want is to always type Tableau in front of your question.

Simple, but effective.  You will get everything on Tableau's blog, forums, Knowledge base, etc.  You will also get results from other Tableau user blogs which are a RICH source of information.

There you go.  Simple, silly, dumb, but effective.