Viz Policing a Rachel Maddow Chart

Rachel Maddow's show is one of the few things I enjoy watching on television.  Tonight, while she was interviewing Paul Rieckhoff, founder and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, I became seriously distracted by this chart.  I kept looking at it expecting it to be telling me more than it did.

As I continued to watch the interview, my mind kept obsessing over that dang chart.  I wonder, is it necessary for this medium to bad chart - does television require a certain amount of chart bling in order to keep their audience?  Or is it that the graphics have to match the set or the celebrity brand?  Do these shows follow certain branding rules for all graphics?

So I re-charted.  It only took 10 minutes and it didn't interfere with the rest of my life, so no, I do not have a vizing addiction.

After cleaning up the chart, I'm not convinced that it's TV worthy.  What do you think?