Canadian Revenues 1960 - 2010

We're a couple of weeks into the election campaign and the fun has begun.  Everyone is offering up incentives for us to vote for them.

Harper (Conservatives) is offering a tax-split for families with good incomes (coming to you in approximately 2015), corporate tax cuts, more prisons and more fighter jets.

Ignatieff  (Liberals) is offering reductions to post-secondary education costs for low-income families, child-care support, and to leave corporate taxes as is.

Layton (NDP) is offering to hire and train more doctors, improve the veterans benefits program, reduce oil-sands subsidies, cap credit card interest rates, and improve EI.

Mr. Doucette?  I apologize, but I just don't know.  I am a bad Canadian who doesn't speak French and doesn't understand the Bloc's purpose outside of Quebec.

While I'm interested in what the parties say their plans are for the country and what they're offering, I'm also interested in where the money is coming from.  Recently, Canada set up it's open data portal, so I thought I'd see what data was available.  There's not much there yet, but it's a good start.  I found our revenue data going back to 1960, which I thought would be an interesting place to start.  Now I need to find the expense data for the same period, which I suspect will be a great deal of work.

Here's the revenue information in Tableau.  It's interesting to see just how big a piece of the pie our personal income taxes represent.