10 Steps to Color in Tableau

Download the workbook and save it for future reference:


  1. Does this work for multiple new workbooks, or only the one in which you created the sample text boxes?

  2. Hi Brian,

    If you add the colors to your Preference.tds, those will be in all your workbooks going forward. Otherwise, no, the colors won't automatically be there for the text boxes or in the .tds file. But, one thing you could do is right click on the dashboards tab > select Copy Sheet > then in another open workbook, right click on a sheet tab > select Paste Sheet. This will pull the whole dashboard and worksheets into your other workbook. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Kelly. I'm still working with 7, so copy/paste isn't an option. But I'm looking forward to trying to edit my preferences file and see how it goes!!

  3. you're still limited to only 20 colors in a palette though, right?

  4. Hi Brian - yes only 20 per palette. Apparently we can only distinguish 18 colors at a time - I read this somewhere on Tableau's site - so I guess getting 20 was a bonus. Cheers.