Zombies Return!

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Did you know it's Zombie Apocalypse week?  If you are Walking Dead fan you did.  This is my favorite month of the year; the leaves are turning, school's all in (ah, the sweet smell of school supplies), and old horror movies turn up on tv weeks before Halloween (my favorite holiday).

I especially love Halloween in Vancouver because chances are very good that the weather won't be too cold for the trick or treaters so people get crazy with costumes and neighbourhood decorations.  If you're in Vancouver, be sure to check out the Halloween Ghost Train ride in the park and Fright Night at Playland.  And here's one I haven't tried, but am dying to (well not really dying), The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island.  Live Zombie theatre on Granville Island.  I say, doesn't that sound exciting.

Here's a silly zombie viz that I started at the Iron Viz and finally finished; Zombie TV and Movie ratings around the world.  See how your favorite Zombie show rates in other countries.