US Gun Deaths in Contrast

Since the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy, the gun issue in the US is being seriously (and sometimes irrationally) debated while the families and community struggle with their loss and grief.  Being from a country with gun regulations, it is hard to watch and read some of the extreme misinformation being spouted.

I don't think there's a country on the planet that doesn't have some gun deaths each year, but there are plenty who have put in place measures aimed to reduce the volumes. The countries below represent nations similar to US culture, many of whom have enacted some form of regulation as a result of a similar tragedy.

This viz is particularly small as I'm curious to see how it interacts on a smart phone.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Too much information for a small space?  Does the interactivity make sense?


  1. Keely,

    I reviewed your blog post and data viz from my smart phone (Motorola RAZR Maxx).

    I like the responsive web site and its design, which help to a better user experience.
    The viz is also well designed, the amount/space is Ok. The size of the viz is wider that the size of RAZR Maxx screen but it works fine. The interaction make sense for me and it was very easy to identify interactions for exploration. I also like the use of text giving key comparison information.

    Congrats for this nice data viz.

    Best, Ramon

  2. This looks great. Can you give some insight on how you implemented the buttons to show the different charts? Thanks.

  3. Hi Anon. The buttons are shapes in a (table) view. You can download the workbook and look inside to see how it's done. Cheers.