Some Basic Statistics with Tableau

The longer I use Tableau, the more I discover that the biggest limit to this program seems to be my imagination.  Thanks to all the brilliant Tableau Users, Tableau Support and Tableau Public, I seem to learn a new trick daily.

I've been compiling links and workbooks with statistical charts and calculations and have finally decided to put a bunch of them into one workbook as a reference (for myself).  I hope this will be helpful to others as well and I apologize to anyone who's trick or calculation I've used without giving due credit.  Please let me know if I've missed someone.

Tableau: Moving AverageZ-ScoresParetoDistributionswhat-if-modeling-parametersfinding-correlation
Data Remixed:  Control Charts
Bi-Lateral Thinking: Forecasting
Data Driven:  Overlapping marks
Scott Tennican: Chi-SquaredPearson's Correlation coefficient
Joe Mako:  Correlation coefficients

Note:  This is not real data.  It is based on heart health data that I have worked with in a previous position, but is not that data.  It actually took me a long time to create this data - for it to be logical and still produce outliers.