Tableau Color Palettes

While the standard color palettes in Tableau are terrific, I find that there's still times when the color I'm in the mood for isn't in the mix.  So finally I made myself a bunch of palettes.  It was quite easy and only took a couple of hours to build 9 new 20 color palettes and most of that time was spent choosing colors.

Tableau has easy instructions on their site for creating custom pallets.

ColorShemer is a great product for quickly making palettes and exporting the colors to a .txt file which can be easily copied into the Tableau preference file.  It's quite cheap ($50) and has a 30 day trial period.  For inspiration I went to their gallery and to ColourLovers.  I also uploaded some pictures to Kuler which then provides a color palette.

ColorPic is another fee tool that allows you to point at any color on your screen and keep the colors in a palette.

Here's the palettes I've made.  I don't know if the preference file downloads with it, so I've put a couple of the scripts into text boxes that can be copied.