Tableau Color Palettes

While the standard color palettes in Tableau are terrific, I find that there's still times when the color I'm in the mood for isn't in the mix.  So finally I made myself a bunch of palettes.  It was quite easy and only took a couple of hours to build 9 new 20 color palettes and most of that time was spent choosing colors.

Tableau has easy instructions on their site for creating custom pallets.

ColorShemer is a great product for quickly making palettes and exporting the colors to a .txt file which can be easily copied into the Tableau preference file.  It's quite cheap ($50) and has a 30 day trial period.  For inspiration I went to their gallery and to ColourLovers.  I also uploaded some pictures to Kuler which then provides a color palette.

ColorPic is another fee tool that allows you to point at any color on your screen and keep the colors in a palette.

Here's the palettes I've made.  I don't know if the preference file downloads with it, so I've put a couple of the scripts into text boxes that can be copied.


  1. Hi, downloaded this as the colours really are great, but unfortunately I can't extract them. The workbook doesn't show them in the colour chooser, or preferences file. Any chance you have all the scripts laying around somewhere?

    Thanks, Matt.

  2. Thanks Matt. I just sent you the preference file. If anyone else would like the file, just let me know.

  3. Hey, sorry nothing came through, could you try again or post the scripts in the post or comments area?

  4. Hi Matt.
    Sorry about that. I've posted the script to the page above http://vizcandy.blogspot.ca/p/color-palette-script.html. That should work. Thanks, Kelly.

  5. Thanks for links!
    I use Color Brewer http://colorbrewer2.org/