10 Freebie Holiday Toys for Tableau Analysts

Happy Holidays!

Here's a few, very simple, free tools that will help make your
dashboarding work just a little easier.  Click on the images to
go to the respective sites for download.

1  Tableau Data Reshaper Add-In

Reshapes your table data, UnPivots, fills in values and opens your data in Tableau.

2  XL Tools

This is a great little add-in that has data cleansing and cell combining features.

3  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Data (FRED) Add-In 

Very handy for up-to-date US data and some International data.

4  ColorPic
See a color you like - grab it with this tool and enter the RGB values in your custom colors or add the HEX to your Preference file.

5  Color Brewer

Very valuable advice and handy map color palettes.

6  Color Schemer

Great for creating color palettes and then 'export to text' allows you to quickly copy/paste the HEX values to your Preference file.

7  Images

1,000 basic black and white images.  Actually only 200, but in 5 sizes, which is great as you then don't have to worry about image distortion.

8  Death to the stock

These aren't typical data visualization images, but they make for some nice headers or images for StoryPoints.

9  NotePad++

The best.

10  Juice GeoCoding Tool

This odd little tool will provide you with lat/lon coordinates for addresses. Very handy if you don't have a ton of addresses. I have used it on a batch of 200 and it did just fine.