Canada's Electoral Voting Districts

Canada's next federal election isn't until October 2015, so this viz is almost 2 years too early.  But I was so excited to receive the shape files for the electoral districts yesterday that I had to play.

Big, HUGS to Zen men Allan Walker, and Craig Bloodsworth at The Information Lab and Adam Riley at Altyrx and  who created Tableau Mapping Monday and the central Tableaumappingbi repository for the shape files they've created.  There's also a LinkedIn mapping group for discussions.

This is incredibly timely, as we just had bi-elections in four ridings.  So here's the map with the updated bi-election results.  Feel free to download the workbook (or you can go to the repository and get the shape files yourself) and save the extract as a 'saved data source'.

There's a lot more that can be done with this map, but I think it should be done by the journalistic experts (wink, wink Chad Skelton at the Vancouver Sun).  There's plenty of time to start collecting polling data and maybe become the Nate Silver of the North?