Deep thoughts...

Seems to me, there's a lot of deep thoughts flying about Twitter.  Lots of quotes, and inspirational one-liners.  Twitter is perfect for that I guess - short and sweet.

Unfortunately, those things don't work for me.  My contrary brain always rebels when I read them - even if they are good advice.  It's not that I don't like them, heck I'd throw one out at a cocktail party if I ever went to a cocktail party.  But usually when I read them I secretly think of some sarcastic quip that I have to keep to myself because sharing would be unprofessional.

Maybe I'm just not that deep.  These are the daily inspirational thoughts I think ... of doing...

Thanks to all the vizwizards who figured out the Calendar trick:
Clint at Instant Cognition
Dustin at Interworks
Andy at VizWiz